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Arrête de rêver à la tenue qui soit à la fois confortable et sexy… Nous avons ta tenue Lounge parfaitement adaptée à ta coupe.

Les filles, nous avons fait tout notre possible pour que vous puissiez prendre vos mensurations le plus simplement possible.

Vous pouvez maintenant trouver la taille qui vous convient en moins d'une minute.

Restez bien à l'aise sur votre canapé et entrez dans la cabine d'essayage.

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Lounge Legends

Meet our Lounge Legends, young women who have each experienced unique and emotional journeys with cancer.... be prepared to feel empowered, a little emotional and totally inspired!

Meet Georgie — @georgieeswallow

Oct 09, 2019

Georgie, 27 and currently whooping cancer’s ass for a 2nd time.

“The biggest thing for me with cancer, is raising awareness for knowing your body! I had symptoms of cancer for about a year and didn’t take it seriously, I didn't go to the doctor… I knew something wasn’t right and something wasn’t normal, but it took me so long to take it seriously…”

Back in 2018 I was told I had stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and by the time I was diagnosed it was already in both sides of my neck and chest, under by diaphragm and in my lung. I had been experiencing so many symptoms without knowing they were signs of Lymphoma but instead of getting checked, I just ignored them and hoped they’d go away (like all my problems!).

I completed 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy, transformed into a full on egg and reached remission! Unfortunately a few months later, the unwanted hitchhiker was back! ‘It’s back?!’ I hear you ask. ‘Yes’ but just like the 1st time I’m back showing cancer that it picked the wrong gal to mess with! I have undergone more chemotherapy and gearing up for a stem cell transplant to finish the job off once & for all... hopefully!

Since being personally affected by cancer and watched a number of close friends go through breast cancer I have made it my mission to raise awareness so when Lounge asked me to be a part of this campaign, I was honoured.

I can’t stress the importance of being aware of your own body, knowing what’s your normal and getting checked if you’re not sure. Every time you pop that sassy pink thong on make sure you give your sassy self a good feel up!

Raising awareness and donations for our incredible causes! 100% of your donation will go to our chosen charities: Trekstock and CoppaFeel!


“It’s really important to know what’s right and wrong in your body, and if you’re unsure go to the doctor and make sure you’re taken seriously… so if you need to take a parent along or a friend just to make sure that they listen - then do!”

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